(Xbox) Live 2v2s Against Viewers with Mekel

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(Xbox)2v2s Against Viewers!? Message "Yeah Im Mekel" to Play For FREE. Dono=Priority(1080/60FPS)
Note: I'm appreciative of all donations. I will give you priority to play 1 match if you donate 5 dollars, if you donate 10 dollars you may invite a friend to play with you. YOU CANNOT DONATE FOR A REMATCH.
GT: Yeah im Mekel
For $10 I will teamkill my partner, for $15 he can tk me, (I may apply random discounts for both of us :P) teamkill prices increase per individual in increments of 5 (ie. 15, 20, 25). Remember a donation is a donation, I will try my hardest to get you into a match, but I can not guarantee you'll get in if tons of people donate. Donating is an OPTION
My current sens is my secret sauce and there is no price on it. I am Sorry.
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