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Today I talk about the witcher Coën. Most of you may have heard his name in the witcher games and I imagine a lot of you will know him from the books. In today's video I'll cover some theory about witcher Coën, his potential orgins, his history and his death. Coën of Povis the witcher.
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A quick disclaimer - A lot of these videos use information from the witcher wiki, in some cases I do read directly from the pages, I do always make sure to include my own thoughts and other information I know myself, but I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page here. Even though I use information from the wiki, I do still create the videos, with time, effort and a lot of editing! The idea behind the lore videos is to present to information to you guys in a fun and more interesting way then you guys having to get the information from pages and read it yourself. If anyone isn't okay with this I apologise, but since day one I have always said where I get the information from. Thank you for reading.
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