VIGOR: Fun Free To Play Survival Game You Need To Play!

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Vigor is a free to play survival game from the makers of DayZ, Check the link to play Season 4 now: -
Sponsored by Bohemia Interactive

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The fourth season showcases the Warlords. These Outlanders gathered their equipment from the remnants of previous conflicts, collected tons of weapons, and are not afraid to spread their opinions in over 800 rpm. They come with four new well-known weapons – two LMGs (UK vz. 59 and M249), a famous assault rifle Bugle F1, and RM14 knife. Add two distinct uniforms, two kinds of helmets in many variants, gloves, backpacks, various gas masks and goggles, and the package already seems tempting. That's not enough for us, so we decided to add a possibility to cover your faces with facepaints – be it camouflage patterns, or famous cultural hits. Based on our data we decided to increase the number of Experience Boosters in the Premium tier of Battle Pass to make it easier to get all these cool customizations, as well as all the Crowns. And we listened to the suggestions to make Premium Battle Pass less expensive as well – while we kept 900 Crowns in rewards for finishing it, the Premium Battle Pass price will go down to 690 Crowns instead.
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