Top Stock Pick From Our Guests This Year - Liberty Gold

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Top Stock Pick From Our Guests This Year - Liberty Gold

Liberty Gold Corp at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2021 #VRIC21
Cal Everett - CEO, and Director of Liberty Gold Corp.

Host: Jay Martin, CEO of Cambridge House

0:00 Intro
1:30 Gold Price Explained
5:24 Gold, Silver or Copper Top Performer?
7:36 Liberty Portfolio
8:34 Blackpine Project
12:52 Mining in Idaho
14:04 Goldstrike Property
15:19 Future Plans
17:05 Current Shareholders
19:18 Trigger Points

Liberty Gold is a leading gold discovery company built on and fueled by our proprietary Science of Discovery©. As a philosophy and a practice, the Science of Discovery© is focused on finding the sweet spot – that position on the mining continuum with the greatest opportunity to unlock and deliver maximum value for our shareholders, with the lowest investment of time and capital.

They are currently advancing a portfolio of past producing Carlin-Style gold projects in the Western They believe that these strategic assets have powerful potential for significant growth and value creation.

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