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Background of this new 3d scary teacher game is that a creepy and spooky teacher punishes her students in high school and brings down different horror and scary punishments as evil teacher. As a Student you have decided to get revenge in this scary teacher game. Trap the scary teacher evil with full of scare mods by playing Spooky & Scary Games and make spooky pranks on the teacher. School becomes haunted for student due to the scary teacher because the kids have started playing creepy pranks on her. The new 3d game of return scary teacher guides you through different levels to provide the kids with unlimited entertainment for teacher.
You have been playing many other scary teacher games this season, so say hello to the spooky teacher in the creepy teacher games which offers you a chance to prank bad teacher in teacher games, but better not get caught by the scary teacher in scary games 2021.
Take revenge from the teacher and make extreme fun in spooky games of teacher scary 3d. Teacher is reading paper destroy her entertainment with mouse trap, teacher evil is eating cake, make the cake hello for teacher to eat, these all pranks are punishment for teacher in 3d teacher scary.
Features of The Scary Teacher Return & Evil Teacher:
• Extreme fun & pranks with teacher 3d.
• Outstanding graphics with HQ environment.
• Suspense and intense missions with teacher.
• High quality sound effects with every action.


The Scary Teacher Return - New Game | Gameplay Walkthrough | Android Gameplay HD
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