The hunt for the PERFECT corner pinch

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Today we try corner/astral pinches in Rocket League! Please let me know what you think about my Rocket League videos!
→Twitch Channel: (I stream 3-5 times per week!)


I play Rocket League PC
I use a PS4 Controller
I am 16 yrs old
I edit with Sony Vegas 16

Intro song: Julian Avila - Blur
Ending song: Nitro Fun - Hidden Level

Rocket League Camera Settings (I change them a lot)

Controls are default except for air roll and powerslide
Air Roll: L1/LB
Powerslide: L1/LB
Tornado (air roll left) : L3

I started playing Rocket League about a month after it came out in August 2015. Eventually I discovered then-called JHZER's videos and got super into learning how to freestyle. After a while I joined my first team called Hexicon as a freestyler in around July 2016 and later Pulse in September 2016. My style has changed a bunch over time, nowadays I really enjoy playing mutators along with freestyling with my friends. I'm not huge into competitive but I find that fun as well. Rocket League is a cool game.
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