SWEET APPE SOFT & SPONGY. Very good Snack at Teatime.

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SWEET APPE Soft & Spongy

Prepared Soft & spongy Sweet Appe. Everyone love to eat. Within minutes all Appe disappeared.

There was few over Riped Bananas instead of wasting it, prepared Sweet Soft Appe out of this.


* 2 cups Sona Masuri Rice
* 2big riped soft Bananas
* 1 Palm Jaggery
* 1cup soft grated fresh
* 5Cardamoms
* 1tsp Salt or to taste
* Small Nutmeg piece


1. Clean & Soak Rice for 4-5hrs. Grind it into smooth batter & keep it aside.

2. Now grind Bananas, Coconut, Jaggery, Cardamom & little nutmeg together.  Mix this mixture with Rice batter, add salt to taste.  Mix it well  & keep the batter thick pouring consistency & kee it aside for 1/2-1hour. I kept it overnight in Refrigerated.

3. Take a Appe Pan, apply little Ghee/Oil  all over Pan. Pour sufficient batter cover lid & let it cook for few minutes.

4. Flip it & fry other side till done. Remove & keep it aside. Repeat the same procedure till all the batter finish.

5. Yummy Appe are ready to eat serve it at Teatime. Can eat this soft spongy yummy Appe at any time.

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