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In this video I will show you how to install Steven Universe Unleash The Light on your android device. The first step you need to do is visit http://unleashthelight.com to download unleash the light APK. Once you have it, open it and allow the installation of the game. After doing this open the Unleash the Light App.

The steps are not that complicated but there are quite a few people asking for a tutorial. This happens because sometimes the Android devices need to be verified in order to unlock the full steven universe game. This includes installation of 2 apps from the playstore which are not paid.

After the game is launched you will see information about device verification. You just need to install 2 mobile apps and start each of them for 30 seconds. Enjoy Unleash The Light on your mobile device!

Steven Universe: Unleash The Light is the third installment in the series. The game was first set to release only for apple arcade exclusively. However, we have made possible to get this amazing game on android devices too. You can explore endless worlds, equip awesome costumer but also unlock new abilities.

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