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Rise Of Flight - Early carrier ops

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I edited this mission myself to bring the carrier down to "just" 50 kph (which is what a modern day nuclear super-carrier does, at flank speed). See this carrier was travelling at 100kph and I could take off using only TEN feet of deck. So at first I edited the carrier to go at 18kph (=10 kts, which is WWI speed to me) but then it was impossible to take off from it. This as the deck is the stickiest I've ever encountered (you'll notice for sure). But once this boat does 50 kph, all you gotta do is wiggle a bit to get some air under your wings.
Link to mission/mod: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7tXcacWGhIxWl96OEVCSDd5ZTQ/view
Use JSGME for it. If you don't know how to use JSGME - google it. It's the best five minutes spent.

I forgot to mention I "cheated" with lowering the amount of fuel to 30% on my own aircraft.
This to make it more realistic.
I mean who the hell would land a fully tanked aircraft on an aircraft carrier?

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