Red Alert 2 | Mental Omega - Soviet Fan Mission - Revenge

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Mental Omega 3.3.4 - Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge.

Unofficial Soviet Mission: Revenge
Made by: Mengxin
Mental difficulty level.

After we occupied Yuri’s lunar base, we acquired the ability to launch combat forces like the rest of the world. However, our troops are not enough to support our implementation of too large-scale combat plans, so we will be the existing forces. In two ways, the main force will be returned to Moscow under the leadership of the genius commander to destroy the traitor Yuri, and our mission is to lead some troops to the Latin forces that have been on standby in the United States to retake Stalington. And by the huge mind control network there, we can quickly recover our troops, and we can also control the units of the Epsilon and Allied forces.
However, we have received unfortunate news that the Latin troops on standby in the United States have suffered heavy losses and cannot provide too much support for us. However, they already have enough mind control technology and should be able to play a big role in the invasion of Stalin.

Our vanguard has arrived on the outskirts of Stalington, the main force is escorting a mobile construction vehicle to Stalington, you need to restart an abandoned base in Stalington, and build a defense line there until the arrival of the main force.

In this mission, You have 3 objectives:
"1" Hold the position before the main force arrives.
"2" Occupy or destroy the mind control Amplifier.
"3" Destroy All enemy buildings and all Epsilon troops.

Download the mission:
Extract the files on MO Original Folder, Play Soviet Mission 13 : The Raven.

Fasten Your Campaign Missions ?!!
Download this file & put it in resources folder.
I modified the ini campaign speed for more fun.

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