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Project EVE - Reveal Trailer - Shift Up - Xbox One/PS4/PC - 4k

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This is the reveal trailer for the upcoming console quality AAA title by Hyung-tae Kim (Magna Carta, Blade & Soul). There is still no gameplay reveal but all the trailer seems to use realtime in-game graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Game website: http://shiftup.co.kr/EVE/

Note: Music by ESTi :D

Updated info (Google Translator):

"Project EVE (EVE) is a console platform that aims to develop a global AAA title for shift-up. It is a single-player action game that meets the action and graphics quality required for AAA titles and plans to publish PS4, XBOX ONE and other contemporary console and PC (STEAM). "

"Project Eve is the story of mankind being destroyed by native invaders, escaping into orbit colonies and fighting again to reclaim the planet. In the teaser trailer, other colleagues failed to get to the planet, and the landlord succeeded in landing alone. "

"The Project Eve development team will include the early members of the Blade & Soul development team, including Kim Hyeong-tae, head of the mobile device program, Lee Chang-min, former general manager Won Hwa Lee, and Lee Chung-yeop FX general manager."

Source: http://shiftup.co.kr/2019/04/04/시프트업-aaa-콘솔-액션-이브·전투-소녀-슈팅-니/

#ShiftUp #ProjectEVE #4k


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