NEW 1.3 Xiao 'God-Like' Gameplay! Misleading DMG! NEW Pets Are Amazing! | Genshin Impact

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In This Daily Genshin Impact News Digest:
1. New Xiao God Like Gameplay
Misleading C6 Warnings!
Ganyu Or Xiao Quick Comparison
2. New Pets Are Here! Details!
3. Artifact Stats Drop Rate Table! (Est)
4. Amazing C6 Xingqiu DMG
5. Albedo's Secret Powers

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Official In Game Footage Of All 3 Colored Pets:

**Disclaimer: Those 'Predictions' Are Fan Based And Does NOT Represent MiHoYo's Final Product
*Keep In Mind Those Are Not Representation Of The Final Product*

*Disclaimer* This is a fan service sneak-peek/guide video to help viewers have an rough understanding of the upcoming changes. I have mentioned several times in the video to warn viewers that the clips and data are Not representation of the final product. I DO NOT own any of those footage, nor am I responsible for the accuracy of those skill values. Mechanics and damage are subject to change on the official release.

*Below are the Source of those YouTube Videos, Reddit Posts and Fan Based Sites*
Source & Credits To Data, Clip & Footage In The Video:
Fan Based Site, Tweets & Reddit On Event & New Map Info:
Reddit Post On Xiao Clip:

Twitter Xiao Clip:

Xiao Fun Site Stats:
Reddit Clip On New Pets (Pink):
Reddit Artifact Drop Table Guide:

Reddit Amazing C6 Xingqiu Clip:

Reddit Albedo Secret Power Clip:

Thanks & Credits To (u/Fluffy_Jellyfish, Zeniet, u/mastermindotaku, u/fririe, u/Rubber_Moose, u/Thesalmon1905)

Thanks & Credits Of Thumbnail Image: PhoenixSC @okami2506 Via Twitter
bellewelle on DeviantArt
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Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:17 News Overview
1:47 New Xiao Gameplay Misleading C6 Warnings!
2:36 How Xiao C6 Works
4:26 To See The Full Xiao Gameplay Clip
4:59 Ganyu Or Xiao Quick Comparison
7:22 New Pets Are Here! Details!
9:04 Artifact Stats Drop Rate Table! (Est)
11:32 Amazing C6 Xingqiu DMG
13:20 Albedo's Secret Powers
14:26 What Do You Think About Xiao Vs Ganyu?

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