MK11 ONLINE #315 - Ultimate Update

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Moderator Rules:
- Buff Jade or Any Sort of Praise to Jade = Timeout
- Defending WiFi? = Timeout and Ban On Repeated Offence
- I lose to a broken character and someone describes how I got beat Destroyed, Mopped, Clapped’ = Instantly Ban
- Anyone says anything if I lose to WiFi = Ban
- Any sort of phobia with exception on Jadephobia = Timeout or Ban
- Any sort of smart trash talk toward me such as ‘Always Blame The Ping’ = Ban
- Any sort of disrespect against someone else’s skin colour, religious views, background or preferences results in a whole ban

If I describe my fantasies with someones mom or wife, ban them while I do it.

The Realm of Timeouts/Bans Awaits!
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