Minecraft: 800 Days in Hardcore Amplified Survival Minecraft - World Tour & Download! SH Final Tour

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Welcome back to my Minecraft amplified hardcore survival series on my channel, Survival Heights! Unfortunately this episode showcases my final world tour of the Minecraft Hardcore Amplified Survival world, as I died in the world not too long ago. However, it was a great hardcore amplified survival world, so why not do a world tour of it! I've included a world download for you below (in creative, as since I died I had to do some small trickery to get the world in a usable form for you to tour), so enjoy the builds with an in-game Minecraft world tour if you so desire!

World Download:

Survival Heights was a Minecraft Amplified Hardcore Survival series focused on surviving in the harsh conditions that a hardcore amplified survival world can being. It was started on June 22nd, 2020 in Minecraft Release Candidate 1. The world was completely vanilla, locked in hardcore mode (hard mode with one life), and cheats are not enabled. The ultimate goal of this amplified hardcore survival world was to survive and thrive under harsh conditions and build a survival world for years to come (RIP)!

Seed (generated in Minecraft Release Candidate 1): 727332457514486701

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