Medievil PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 - Scarecrow Fields! Pumpkin Gorge!

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Welcome to Medievil PS4 Part 4! We continue our Medievil Remastered adventure with Scarecrow Fields and Pumpkin Gorge!
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Re-live the original adventure on PlayStation 4. The beloved fan-favorite has been completely remade from the grave up, blending classic gameplay with stunning visuals, all in eye-popping native 4K!
Re-live the Adventure with MediEvil!
Step into the bones of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a slightly-inept (and long dead) knight accidentally resurrected by his greatest enemy, the evil sorcerer Zarok. With a second chance to foil his greatest foe, Dan will once again set out to save the kingdom of Gallowmere and earn his place as a true hero.
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