LG CX Beta Firmware Fixes 4K@120Hz Stutter in VRR/ G-SYNC Mode

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We demonstrate how the LG CX beta firmware has fixed the high frame rate stutter between high-90s and 120Hz frame rates in VRR/ G-SYNC mode, so hopefully Xbox Series X, PS5 and RTX 30 Series owners can enjoy smooth gameplay at all resolutions and frame rates (including 4K@120Hz) in VRR mode.

*Update 24 November 2020:* Further to this video, LG has reached out and issued the following statement:

"To address the cases of stutter which can occur at certain resolutions with VRR on specific 2020 OLED and LCD TV models, LG started rolling out a global firmware () in mid-November for the first group of models (CX and GX), to be completed in the following weeks.

A different firmware, which is under development, will be rolled out globally by the end of the year to address similar issues that can occur on the ZX OLED TV, Nano99 and Nano95 LCD TVs."

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