Introducing RatingWidget - 5-Star Ratings for Bloggers

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So you've just started your blog.

After hours of long, hard work, you’ve managed to write some amazing high quality, super viral awesome content!

Well, Congrats!!

You’re excited and ready to engage your visitors. But that’s where things are not going as planned.

You click the PUBLISH button and… nothing happens!

No one shares your content. No one leaves comments. No one subscribes to your blog.

Guess what - you are not alone! All bloggers have that problem.

Here’s a difficult truth to digest: only one percent of blog visitors will share your content on their social feed. Even less than that will leave a comment, and even less will actually subscribe to your mailing list.

But you’ve worked so hard and we know you’re REALLY anxious to know what people think about it – Right?

Rating Widget is here to save the day! By providing a user-friendly, yet incredibly simple, anonymous 5-star ratings system, Rating Widget helps publishers like you engage with 99% of your visitors.

Best of all, it’s free and takes JUST 5 minutes to install on ANY blog!

Pretty AWESOME, right??!!

Start getting instant feedback for your content, now!
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