I Survived 100 Days in Minecraft SkyGrid Hardcore and here is what happened

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We've done Skyblock. We've done One Block. Now how about 1000 block? Not sure if we can call it that but there is a lot of blocks here. Either way, in the Video I am going to take on the task of Surviving 100 Days in the Minecraft Custom Map Skygrid. Can it be done? Let's find out!

My links -
‣ Discord: ​
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Shout out Austin for taking this adventure with me. here is his Youtube and Twitch!:
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Credit to Luke TheNotable for creating the concept of 100 days in Minecraft, you can find his channel here: ​

SkyGrid Download:

Skygrid Challenges:
* Build a cobblestone generator
* Build a bed
* Build a house
* Build an area for animals to spawn (cows, chicken, sheep)
* Build a mob trap
* Build a sugar cane farm
* Build a wheat farm
* Build a melon farm
* Build a pumpkin farm
* Create/obtain full leather armour
* Create/obtain full iron armour
* Create/obtain full diamond armour
* Create/obtain full chain armour
* Craft a golden apple
* Craft an enchantment table
* Make a sword enchantment
* Make a bow enchantment
* Make a Level 30 enchantment
* Make an item with a silk touch enchantment
* Make an item with a fortune enchantment
* Make boots with a featherfalling enchantment
* Make a snow golem
* Make an iron golem
* Collect one of every spawn egg.
* Get to the Skygrid Nether
* Get a mooshroom to the main world
* Get to the End World and slay the Enderdragon
* Get 5 different coloured pieces of wool
* Get a set of each weapon (wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond)
* Get a set of each tool (wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond)
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