HOW TO PLAY PC VR GAMES ON QUEST 2 WIRELESS 2021 / Oculus Air Link Setup / Quest 2 Wireless PC VR

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Playing PC VR games wireless on the Quest 2 just got a whole lot easier! Oculus Air Link is here to allow Quest 2 owners (who have access to a VR ready PC) to play their PC VR games wirelessly on their Quest headset. Whether this solution is better than the current Virtual Desktop setup remains to be seen and will take some more extensive testing to figure out, but for now here is a straight forward Oculus Air Link setup guide & some Oculus Air Link gameplay to showcase just how easy it is to start playing PC VR games wirelessly on your very own Quest 2!

* Your Oculus App & Oculus Quest 2 headset must both be updated to version before any of this is possible *

This Oculus Air Link Quest 2 / Oculus Air Link setup tutorial will talk you through, step by step, how to setup Oculus Air Link and ultimately how to play PC VR games on Quest 2 wireless. Whereas Virtual Desktop only allows you to play games from your Steam library the Oculus Air Link update allows games from any location on your PC to be played wirelessly on your Quest 2 headset.

For reference my setup is as follows:
PC - RTX 2080, 32GB DDR4 RAM, i7 9700k
Router - Vodafone Gigafast Router - 5ghz
Distance from router - 5 - In the same room as the router with minimal interference & my PC is hooked up to the router via an ethernet cable
Oculus app download -

There are a few things to bare in mind, to accomplish this it is recommended that you have a 5GHZ router, a PC that is connected to said router via an Ethernet cable & you should be as close to your router as possible with little to no interference in between you and it. You will also need to ensure you have the official Oculus app installed on your PC and that it is updated to version , your Quest also needs to be updated to If you're okay with these steps then it's time to dive into this Oculus Air Link setup video / Oculus Quest 2 wireless connect to PC / Quest 2 wireless PC VR setup video! Follow all these steps and you'll be enjoying Oculus Quest 2 PC VR wireless gaming in no time!

* This how to play ANY PC VR games on Oculus Quest 2 was designed to be easy to follow and get you into Oculus Quest 2 wireless connect to PC / Oculus Quest 2 wireless VR but if you have any issues please drop a comment down below and I'll do my best to help & offer advice *

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0:00 - Intro
1:34 - Setup (Oculus PC app)
4:10 - Setup (Oculus Quest 2)
6:43 - Connected - Adjusting settings for the best experience
9:09 - Pistol Whip Gameplay
11:46 - Swordsman VR Gameplay
15:04 - VR Skater Gameplay
16:47 - Half Life Alyx Gameplay
19:56 - Initial thoughts & verdict
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