[Grand Piece Online] These features need to be added to the game ASAP... making GPO great

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Haven't got to do one of these talking videos about Grand Piece Online with yall in a while, I hope you haven't missed my voice too much. Honestly, these ideas could really spice up the game. (toxic) but they would add real initiative and convenience to the game for everyone. Tell me your thoughts down below.

Time Stamps:
9:33 - Punishment upon death
5:45 - Multi Stat page
everything before that is still important

Intro song: Ain't loyal (oshi remix)

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PC Specifications:
- GPU; GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
- CPU: Intel i5-8600k
-RAM: 16GB
-Monitor: AOC 144hz
-Headset: Fntic REACT

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