GoPro Webcam Windows Beta Now Out! Quick Setup Guide

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GoPro Webcam Beta: (and select Windows)
(Update note: The link now says the firmware update should work - go ahead and give it a whirl, I used the update linked in the Facebook group listed instead, as the update wasn't working for me.)

Various links:
Charging port door (US):
Charging port door (EU):
Hero 8 Huge Bundle (incl 3 batteries + SD card) for $359:

Here's your quick guide to getting the GoPro Hero 8 Black working as a webcam on a Windows PC. Remember that the Hero 8 Black needs to have the BETA firmware, as well as have a USB3 cable if using a USB port. Else, you'll get badness.

In this guide though I cover the basics of installing the firmware, installing the Windows app, and then how to configure it in Zoom. Quick and easy!


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