????GIFTING FREE MINTY PICKAXE CODE + VBUCKS CODES - Fortnite Live Giveaway (Minty Axe Code Generato

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????GIFTING FREE MINTY PICKAXE CODE + VBUCKS CODES - Fortnite Live Giveaway (Minty Axe Code Generator) 2020

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Hey guys, it's EsTeh 5000 back with another Fortnite: Battle Royale livestream on Fortnite Free V-Bucks Codes & Gifting Free Skins in Chapter 2. Feel free to add my Epic Games username on Fortnite where I can giveaway V-Bucks Codes with airspir and airspir - fortnite! #Fortnite #Vbucks #FortniteLive #EpicPartner

DISCLAIMER: This livestream is meant solely for the purpose of the viewer gaining knowledge about the video game "Fortnite: Battle Royale". Any promo code displayed here has been redeemed prior to the beginning of this livestream. This livestream was prerecorded and is on a continuous loop with airspir and airspir - fortnite. None of the steps are required as there are no real promo codes being distributed in this livestream. If you are watching this livestream for the sole reason of receiving any type of promo code, please leave.

Disclaimer for YouTube: This livestream giveaway promotion on the EsTeh 5000 channel has been cleared for use by my YouTube Partner Manager on 12/5/2019 and does not violate any Community Guidelines or break the Terms of Service. The giveaway shown is 100% legitimate and real, we pick hundreds of winners a day using our chat bot to determine eligibility.

All the links in the description comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. No spam stream like airspir and airspir - fortnite!

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Video Owned & Uploaded by EsTeh 5000. (PG Clean, Family Friendly, For Kids + No Swearing!)
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