Full Wastelanders OST | Fallout 76

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Soundtrack from new Fallout 76 DLC.
0:00 Wastelanders Main Theme
2:16 Wayward Souls
5:42 Strength in Numbers
9:57 Foundation
14:10 Wandering Appalachia: Part 7
19:21 Stay Clear of the Space Station
23:29 Appalachia Has Changed
27:32 What Kind of Future
31:14 Stick Together
35:27 The Crater
39:41 Whisper a Story
43:49 All That Glitters
48:04 Wandering Appalachia: Part 8
54:09 Follow Me
58:13 Appalachian Retrospective

Composed by Inon Zur
I do not own any music in the video
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Wastelanders DLC Releases on April 14th, 2020
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