FoWW Halloween Battle Report Wargaming - My road to Halloween Fallout Wasteland Warfare

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Happy Halloween!

My Minutemen, commanded by General Serena, have to face the Ghoul hordes of the Wasteland in a game of Fallout Wasteland Warfare by Modiphius.

The Mission Objective 'Trick or Treat' is to collect all 6 searchables, while the Ghouls try to kill them all.

The Minutemen:
- Sole Survivor Serena with Heroic, Warden, Gunslinger, Atom Cats Jacket, Army Helmet, Missile Launcher, Re-Bored Staggering Pipe Pistol
- Minuteman Tanja with Lifegiver, Laser Musket
- 3 Minutemen with Laser Muskets
- Firefighter Protectron with Hand Cryojet instead of Handlasers

The Ghouls:
- Settler with Creature Controller, Ghoulish, Lifegiver, Hunting Rifle, 10mm Pistol and Tire Iron
- Putrid Glowing One
- Lots and lots of Ghouls

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