Fallout 76 - The Gunslinger (Bloodied Pistol Build)

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Strong and simple bloodied pistol build for Fallout 76! This character build puts out a lot damage and allows for a lot of freedom with extra perk cards of your choice! This gunslinger build puts out pretty high damage numbers and also . Super easy to put together and very strong after the one wasteland damage nerf.

Thank you all for watching ❤
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0:00-0:16 Intro
0:16-1:45 Build Showcase
1:45-3:12 Perk Cards
3:12-3:30 Mutations
3:30-3:58 Weapons
3:58-5:50 About the build/damage showcase
5:50-6:25 Budget Weapons
6:25-6:52 Switchable Perk Cards
6:52-7:40 Thank you
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