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Thank you for watching my video, hope you found it cool. Don't forget to leave a comment. Your YouTuber from Ukraine! Hi from Ukraine to you!

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Wanna join me there? This is more of a personal life posting media to me: Thoughts, Gaming, Family, Life
The main Game on my Channel is #Fallout76 and I play on #Xbox, I used to play on PC but due to some cases, I've decided to fully move to Xbox.

On PC I will be playing other games that are exclusive to PC only.

Add me on Xbox: gamerZsoul5199

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What do I do one this channel?
1. Fallout 76 Videos, Daily Notifications on Challenges and Atom Shop, Livestreams, Guides and more.
2. Let's play for different games come time to time also streamed let's play.
More activities are coming.

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-----------------About me and my Channel-----------------

Welcome to my Channel. I'm gamerZsoul Ukrainian Gamer, born on the 16th of April 1988 became a Father on 20th May 2019. My community is called Z Clan and Z Clan to me is Family. This is why I make sure to answer every single comment (if there is anything to answer if nothing to be answered be sure to receive a gamerZsoul Loves this comment badge).
I love Z Clan and this is why I wanna make sure to deliver content that Z Clan deserves and I make sure to deliver my appreciation, high-quality video.

I've started this channel back on 28th March 2017 and reached my first 1,000 Subscribers on 21st April 2019.

It took me 2 years to learn YouTube, how it works and to find my perfect game. The game that I can focus on and play with Z Clan members. This game turned out to be Fallout 76, I said to myself that once I will find the fresh new MMO I will stick to it, with all the ups and downs and you know what I truly love Fallout 76 and have a strong belief that at some point it will become one of the best games out there.

But I don't think that Fallout 76 will ever leave this channel because I truly enjoy playing this game. Trust me, I get bored from MMOs easy but this game just keeps me going. Even that it had a very bad start :)

Do you want to join Z Clan? In this case, feel free to subscribe and connect with me and Z Clan we and I don't bite.

My Aims?
Well, YouTube was a big dream of mine, a very long time ago, but as most people do they put their dreams aside. And I did too. Believe it or not, buy my wife told me to create this channel because I didn't have hobbies and when was working became a workaholic, I worked pretty much 24/7. She reminded me of my dream, I gave it a go and loved it. And you! Z Clan always back me up, when this channel goes through downsides and this is why this channel still exists. At this point, YouTubing is my Hobby but my aim is to make it a career. Step of me becoming a Full-time YouTuber isn't easy and surely isn't going to come anytime soon, but I will do my very best to make this become a reality with your help.

Thank you Z Clan!
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