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Eternal War: Shadows of Light Review - GmanLives

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Eternal War: Shadows of Light is a hard hitting, action packed first person shooter that challenges the player with intelligent demons and creative puzzles. Created by Two Guys Software (now known as XrucifiX). Full multiplayer support so that you can play with your friends online against the demon hordes in a its multiplayer mode. Prepare for the Flood! Using models and monsters from the popular Quake 2: Dawn of Darkness Mod by WardSix Entertainment!

This game can be played in first person or third person perspective. There are seventeen demon filled levels that you'll explore. To beat the game, there's more than just blasting bad guys. Often times you'll have to unlock certain areas of the level via keys, push buttons or levers. There are some nice puzzles to figure out, so keep your thinking cap handy. If you want a real challenge, there are different difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare.

Eternal War offers a slew of twisted enemies for you to banish. The enemy AI can be very challenging at times. Most enemies have special abilities that can be devastating if you don't stop them quickly enough. Especially when they group up on you. One of the most difficult enemy units is the Wraith which teleports and often attacks you from behind. The cloaking Teneb creatures are vile and deadly in numbers. Many of the other demons resort to fire and grenade throwing. So keep your eyes peeled!

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