ESCAPE FROM THE MIND CHAPTER 2- Minecraft Bedrock Walkthrough

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Welcome to chapter 2 of Escape from the Mind, a map created by VirusX728.

story: It has been 10 years since you have been to that dreadful place in the middle of the woods. It is the place where you have been captured by Herobrine and imprisoned in your own mind. You managed to stop him and escape, saving not only yourself but everyone in Mineville. Herobrine has never taken another soul since then, until now. People are starting to disappear from the town, just like the time when Herobrine was alive. You are suspicious that Herobrine has somehow reawakened and is again terrorizing the people of Mineville. You decided to go back to that castle in the woods to confirm your suspicions.

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Escape from the Mind chapter 1 link:
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