Destiny 2 OOB: Reaching the Dreaming City from the Moon (Shrine of Oryx Ascendant Realm via IRB)

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Interdimensional Rez Breaching strikes again, this time taking us into the Dark Monastery replica in Shrine of Oryx. This one took a while to figure

For those that aren't aware, for the intro mission of Season of the Hunt, Bungie created a copy of the Dreaming City Ascendant Realm from the week 3 mission and placed it inside of the Shrine of Oryx region on the moon. You go through it in the mission where you first encounter the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, before meeting Crow. You go there once, and can never revisit it. But that's not our style ;)

Working out how to get there took a fair bit of time. Back during Season of the Hunt, I recorded it's direction and approximate distance using the mission, DARCI, and some help from Bachmanetti and Nev. This season, with the IRB shenanigans, I realized it would likely be possible, and explored two possible candidate locations to breach to. The first target was a mysterious platform out in the distance, and the second was attempting a direct leap. The direct path would connect via Enduring Abyss, but was too difficult to work out precisely, and likely too much of a height distance.

We made an accurate map using the IRB box breach in Hellmouth, using some sparrow flying to give a map dot to someone in Enduring Abyss. Though the map is hidden, you can still see allies on the radar. The results were impressive, but ultimately didn't help us get there.

For the first target, which ended up working, we triangulated it to a region overlapping with Catacombs, although somewhere above ground level. With some help from the talented Monteven, we were able to improve our approximate location to find a precise point that would work.

Thanks to Henry, Mad, Toyota Corolla, Kerpuffles, and more from the RaidSecrets discord for helping discover the route, and rule out other candidates. I'm definitely missing a few people, so apologies

You can find the maps made during the explorations here:
For more discussion, check RaidSecrets here:
For more Interdimensional Rez Breaching, check out my playlist:

00:00 Intro
00:25 Exiting Pit of Heresy
01:51 Step 1: Dying in the Catacombs
03:43 Exiting Hall of Wisdom
05:18 Step 2: Dying to Shrine of Oryx Load Zone
05:55 Where We Find Ourselves
06:21 Step 3: Auto-rezing
06:51 Examining the Strange Platform
07:32 Navigating the Void Between Worlds
09:06 The Arrival
10:30 Dare to Compare
13:00 Examining the Strange Cylinder
14:18 The End

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