Destiny 2 | New Titan Super - Code of the Devastator

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Destiny 2 | New Titan Super - Code of the Devastator

It's not too difficult to get the Code of Devastator subclass for the Titan. I explain the process briefly in the first few minutes and then let the rest of the mission play out.

I think this is fun super. And, it has a hammer that you can throw instead of the melee option, like hunters have with their knives. What it makes it fun is that you throw it, pick it up and throw it again. Over and over. That is awesome.

The super itself, it's fun. But, sometimes it's not as effective as the two other supers that allow to throw your flaming hammers but the ability to smash that hammer during the super multiple times and melee it is a great option for clearing adds when you're surrounded.

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