Chiragh-e-Rah | Urdu Version | Documentary | 12 Jan 2021 | ISPR

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Chiragh-e-Rah, is a documentary that highlights the role and contributions made by Pakistani Security Forces in socio-economic development of remote areas along our western borders.
The Security Forces measured the threats and countered the nefarious designs head-on, with a comprehensive strategy. The essence was to:-
“Achieve enduring peace through stabilization of Western Zone by defeating insurgency; reinforced with a population centric and community driven developmental approach. Concurrent mainstreaming and education of youth to make them useful members of the society.”
Having addressed the menace of fear, terrorism & uncertainty, a new era of development and progress has been launched with the assistance of the government.
May it be:
Communication infrastructure like roads, tunnels and bridges to connect these remote areas to main cities.
Establishment of modern and progressive education system for the youth of the area.
Women empowerment initiatives.
Providing basic health facilities, provision of clean drinking water
Encouraging economic activities through promoting local industries
Mineral resources and tourism, providing sports grounds and other facilities for healthy and positive activities and to promote local talent
Restoration of law and order, establishing writ of the government.
The documentary highlights that; the day is not far when these areas will be at par and in pace with other developed parts of the country.
The Central Idea of the title has been derived from the verses of Allama Iqbal:
گزر جا عقل سے آگے کہ یہ نور
چراغِ راہ ہے، منزل نہیں ہے
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