Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway Update|October 23, 2020|Cebu Iconic Bridge is Shaping

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A monumental project that makes use of the latest engineering feats, the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) is visualized as becoming one of the tourist attractions in the Visayas region.

Project brief

Spanning kilometers, CCLEX will link mainland Cebu in Cebu City to Mactan Island through the municipality of Cordova.

The artistically designed CCLEX will have two lanes in each direction and on and off ramps connecting the main bridge to the Cebu South Coastal Road (CSCR) as well as a viaduct that levels down to a causeway in Cordova’s Barangay Pilipog.

With navigational clearance of 51 meters for shipping traffic and design speed of 80-90 kilometers per hour (kph), the toll expressway is expected to serve at least 50,000 vehicles daily.


Currently one of the largest infrastructure projects in the country, CCLEX is being implemented by the Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation (CCLEC) under a joint venture agreement with the City of Cebu and Municipality of Cordova.

CCLEC, a subsidiary company of the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), envisions the CCLEX to go beyond easing the traffic congestion and strengthening the capacity of the network of roads in Metro Cebu.

It sees CCLEX as becoming a means of helping spur economic growth and boosting investments not just in Cebu but throughout the Visayas Region.

The Ultimate Expressway Experience

Operated as a toll expressway, CCLEX will provide the ultimate expressway experience to Cebuanos. Motorists can expect well-maintained roads, patrol personnel that will provide road assistance, and a host of other services to ensure safe and convenient travel.

Its key features are:
● An improved RFID system that will lead to higher and more efficient lane throughput.
● Weigh-in-motion sensors that will detect overloaded vehicles.
● IP-Based Speed Detection Cameras and HD CCTVs that will cover the entire expressway for traffic monitoring and incident detection.
● Service facilities such as gasoline stations, retail outlets, convenience stores, restaurants, along with security, medical, and maintenance centers that will address the needs of every motorist who passes through the toll road.

It will pay homage to Cebu’s deep Catholic roots through a lighted cross on the twin pylon cable-stayed main bridge, highlighting the island’s significant role as cradle of Catholic devotion in the Philippines.

The target date of the bridge’s completion is timed for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines on March 16, 2021.


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