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hi luvbugs
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Y’all mean the world to me. I care about your well being and if no one tells you today just know, you are worth it.


HERES ALL THE LOVE JUST FOR YOU ????????????????????????????

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what is asmr?
-ASMR is a physical, euphoric response to certain sounds, voices, or situations, often referred to as “triggers.” Responses vary from person to person, but are often described as “tingles” across the top of the skull, which can travel down the spine. “Tingles” is just one description: others are “goosebumps on your brain,” a “flow-like mental state,” or a stoned-like, zoned-out relaxation. It’s not a therapy, and the vast majority of people don’t find it sexual (less than 5 percent in a peer-reviewed study) but it can be therapeutic and relaxing.

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????how old am i? -17
????where am i from? -alabama
????race? - japanese and caucasian
????what do i record on? -my iPhone 11 Pro Max or canon g7x mark ii
????what mic do i use? -blue yeti

Business email: asmrkota@


THANK YALL for all the love and support, it means the world to me and i appreciate our family more than you’ll ever know. stay strong xoxo.
Thank you for existing ???? keep going !
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