Animal Crossing New Horizons 3 FEATURES We May See In JANUARY UPDATE 2021 (Quality of Life Updates)

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►A guide to the Late January Update coming to ACNH & what features are likely to be added ????

Today we take a look at 3 different features that will probably be added to Animal Crossing New Horizons in the next update, which is scheduled to released sometime later this month.
Once released, we expect to see some features, that were recently uncovered in a data-mine, such as Villagers visiting as well as a new Furniture Type, to be added to New Horizons.
We also breakdown some of the most popular Quality of Life updates and adjustments that the community would love to see.
If previous updates are anything to go by, Nintendo will likely adjust things accordingly, based on this feedback.
Let us know ????

Today's word of the day ????????????... BIG DRUM "CEILING", because I'm pretty confident that I'm not alone, when I say we NEED CEILING FURNITURE in New Horizons lol.
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