A Warlocks guide to Guardian Games - Destiny 2

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Whether we wanted it or not Hunters are absolutely stomping the competition in the Season of the Chosen Guardian games. This is hardly a surprise since there is more of them than Warlocks and Titans combined. Now I've been busy backing my boys in the Warlock department and turning in all of the Gold and Platinum medals I can. At the same time I have been grinding Grandmaster Nightfalls for the Palindrome Adept! I finally got my god roll. During one of these runs I went a little too fast down the slide!

If you don't already know, Bungie have announced the Transmog armor synthesis system! It seems to be solely based around bounty grinds and eververse, yay! We are also only able to get 20 of these ornament tokens per character next Season 14! Next week we have the Crucible and sandbox tuning information. I hope the meta is shifted up a bit. I keep getting beaten by Hunters with better gaming chairs then me.
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