2020 Topps Update Series Review & Set Guide! Bust or Late Season Must?

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It's time to review and rank the baseball card hobby's newest release, 2020 Topps Update Series. In this definitive 2020 Topps Update Series set guide I will review the set design, the complete checklist, key cards, rookies, insert cards, relics and more. I also review the auto checklist, the entire parallel rainbow and additional surprises found throughout the 2020 Topps Update Series set.

Diving even deeper, I take a look at who should buy into the Topps Update Series set and who should stay away, dissecting the positives and the negatives of the set. I even look at the team checklists to give you helpful hints on what teams to target in group breaks.

This will lead us to my 1 Cent "Sensational Set" Rating. The Sensational Set Rating is the most complete set rating system on the internet where I rank the 2020 Topps Update Series set in 10 different categories. I then tally up the overall scores in each category which gives us an overall rating score. The Sensational Set rating score compares the 2020 Topps Update Series set with past Update Series sets as well as with other sets that have been releases in the 2020 baseball card season

Take a look and comment below to let me know your thoughts on the new 2020 Topps Update Series release as well as the Sensational Set Rating System. Also be sure to check out all of my baseball card set reviews !

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