2020 04 05 John Haller's Prophecy Update "Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste"

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When a crises hits, there are those with less that pure motives who will always step out of the shadows to take advantage. Such is the time we are facing, as those looking to increase their stature jostle for position as everyday people deal with fear and uncertainty.

With the deaths from COVID-19 beginning to have a much bigger impact that many would believe, hospitals whose ICU's are already at capacity are burdened with where to treat the critically ill, or if to do so. Beyond that, the question becomes, where do we keep the bodies?

In a sombering message, John examines the reality of where the world stands economically and spiritually as these unprecedented times falll heavy on the people of the world. But hold fast, brothers and sisters in Christ. It may be that God, through this crisis, has allowed us time to focus on the most important things in relationship with Him, and those closest to us who sometimes play second fiddle to what we formerly believed took the most priority in our lives.

What if we, considered the virus and the havoc that it has induced a gift to the world, instead of a plague? It may actually draw us closer together in the end, where Christians will be uniquely positioned to introduce a desperate and dying world to their Savior.

Love and cherish those closest to you and keep looking up. Even the Jewish nation, moreso than ever, is looking for their Messiah with desperate eyes. For such as time as this, we can help them find Him because He is already here.

This is a long you will not lose interest. And for those who make it to the end, you will experience a very special blessing. Just make sure you have a tissue handy before John closes.

And now, John Haller's Prophecy Update: "Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste"
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